What’s New 2007

Since 1999, Channel Three has been privileged to hold (and renew) a contract with The Texas Department of Transportation in creating several dozen electrical training and safety videos for TxDOT inspectors and construction contractors. We received a double Telly Award in 2002 for the “High Mast Pole Series,” which was awarded Telly’s in the categories of Safety and Animation. Among the products completed in the past year was “Roadway Illumination Foundations,” featuring drilling and setting of poles in Freeport, New Braunfels, Tyler and Dallas. A new video on Electrical Services was developed as a DVD that the viewer could use to get specific information on each part of the electrical service enclosure. Our two latest projects concern specific types of lighting fixtures and how to focus them, which has entailed a great deal of night-time shooting, including from atop large bucket trucks positioned thirty feet above the lighting fixture.

While most of our TxDOT projects have been shot on BetaCam SP, we are starting to incorporate the lightweight and low-light HVX-200 including the time lapse and slow-mo features.


Channel Three Productions is extremely proud of the relationship we have had with Frito-Lay and PepsiCo since 1987. We have produced over a 100 videos for virtually every department at Frito-Lay and more recently at parent company PepsiCo and sister companies Quaker Oats and Tropicana. In 2006-2007, projects included “Plant Quality Monitoring”, which shows the processes for centralized testing of product samplings from plants across the country. A series of E-Learning Modules were developed for Sales Operations that involved digital stills and video taken at distribution centers in Fort Worth and Tampa. Thousands of DVD’s pertaining to initiatives in product code dating were distributed across the U.S. Old and new processes were shown in the video, while the initiative was explained by route sales reps and management we filmed in San Antonio and Honolulu, as well as several senior executives shot against our portable green-screen. We are completing several modules for a program called ResourceFuL Leadership, which also utilizes senior executive messages shot against our green screen. The programs include scripted vignettes mixing professional actors and Frito-Lay staff that present plant senior and middle management with various situations in which the appropriate response can be critical to becoming an effective leader at Frito-Lay.