Interview – Scheduling

1. Secure quiet areas that do not interfere with other activities for the interview, if possible. Try to arrange a location scout, if you are unfamiliar with it. Note existing light sources and power outlets. Windows are fine, but should be avoided as a background. Use a plain wall instead with perhaps a plant and a non-distracting picture hanging. These props should be arranged to the side of the interview subject, so as not to look like they are growing out of his or her head! This kind of background can also be easily changed for multiple interviews in the same location, but it is best to vary locations, if time allows.

2. Think of any other shots that can be captured at the location and/or with the interviewee. These shots should supply visual support for the subject being discussed. Plan these shots to coincide with the person and location’s availability. The idea is to capture everything you need from one area before moving to another.

3. When creating your schedule, allow approximately one hour to get into the location and set-up before the interviewee arrives, so you are not wasting that person’s time. Allow approximately 30 to 45 minutes to set-up in an adjoining location. Allow approximately 45 minutes to shoot the interview.

4. The day before the interview, call everyone and remind them of the time and location. Find out what they plan on wearing — hopefully not all of them will be wearing the same color!