Tips on multi-media

More and more video companies are having to answer the question for their clients: “Should all this be on the web? Or on a disc? CD, DVD or Blu-Ray?” The answer to this question can only be reached by first answering a series of other questions regarding the eventual end-use. Below is an essential “Top Ten List”.

1. What is the end-use purpose of the program? (i.e. training, education, marketing, etc.)
2. What will the end-use delivery platform be? (i.e. mail out, kiosk display, laptop presentation, etc.)
3. How many systems will be used? (i.e. a single kiosk, a small network of main-frames, a universal PC platform to be distributed widely, etc.)
4. What kinds of media should be on the program? (i.e. text screens, audio, still pictures, full motion video, animation, etc.) (Also, how important would full-screen, full motion video be, as opposed to video-in-a-window?)
5. How many different topics would be included and how complex the branching? (In other words, does the client envision different routes the user could take and how many?)
6. Would there be tests/quizzes?
7. Would there be a need for individual user log-on codes (For employee training, security, tracking and scoring of quizzes, etc.) 8. Would the disk need to be multi-lingual and if so, how many languages?
9. Approximate budget range and time frame. (Multi-Media is more expensive and time-intensive than linear video.)
10. How often would the program be updated? How many copies will be needed?

Keep in mind that the Internet has become a delivery system of interactive media. A website provides a fluid-ever changing, international presence and can be used to transact e-commerce. Visitors to the site can be tracked and the site can be a great point of contact and powerful communication tool. Video segments can be pre-produced and downloadable from your site, as can live webcast events we film and stream from remote locations. We suggest tying all of your media together to maximize its effectiveness. For example, a DVD or CD should offer a direct link to your website. And a visitor to your website should be able to download your most current and relevant corporate video or commercial in a variety of formats.