Company History

Channel Three Productions

1981 – Channel Three Productions is established in Plano, Texas. The company’s name came from the fact that most of our end products were VHS tapes, which played in VCRs set to channel 3. As one of Dallas’ few video production companies in business for more than two decades, we are proud to retain our name along with our commitment to excellence.

1987 – The company incorporates in Texas under the name The Associated Image Group, Inc. (d.b.a. Channel Three Productions). The company moves to Preston Park South and becomes active with the City of Plano, helping to create the economic development video, “Profile of Excellence”. With luminaries like Ross Perot, Norman Brinker and others, the video helps persuade JC Penney to relocate its headquarters to Plano.

1990 – The company builds a strong presence throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and beyond, with national TV commercials and 35mm film projects, and on-going corporate video work for international accounts such as Frito-Lay, 7-Eleven, Miller Brewing, Xerox and CompUSA. Channel Three also develops strategic alliances with advertising agencies in New York and training firms in the United Kingdom and wins Telly Awards for Texas Coastal Petroleum, CAM-I and USA For HealthCare.

1991-1993 – Channel Three relocates to the Addison area of Dallas, forming a joint venture dedicated to interactive multi-media. Partnering with Channel Three in this venture are a computer graphics company and a firm of training consultants based in the UK. Channel Three forms a similar relationship with the Town of Addison as it enjoyed with Plano, creating the Dallas Ad League Award-winning marketing video for Addison.

1994-1996 – As the partner companies choose to go independent, Channel Three begins producing interactive CD-ROMs. This coincides with advances in digital non-linear editing and acquisition of a Matrox DigiSuite editing system. The company debuts its website and starts producing websites and content for others. Channel Three produces Telly Award winning videos for Miller Beer, Kroger and Celanese Chemical.

1997-2000 – The company moves to the Richardson Telecom Corridor to capitalize on growing business from DSC/ Alcatel, Nortel, Fujitsu and other telecommunications clients. The DSC account leads to clients across the country, including Bell South and MCI. Channel Three opens Studio 3, its Ultimatte Blue soundstage and also partners with the City of Richardson’s communication department on various video communications. Telly Awards are won for DSC/Alcatel, Irving CVB, 7-Eleven, PrimeCo/Verizon and Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

2001-2016 – Channel Three doubles its editing capacity, adding another system devoted to DVD production. The company restructures its leadership and closes the Studio 3 soundstage. Telly Awards are won for Med-El, Latus Lightworks, Frito-Lay, PepsiCo and the Syndistar substance abuse series. A double Telly is awarded to the TxDOT High Mast Pole series, winning in Animation and in Safety.

2017 and beyond: Channel Three Productions is still made up of the original production team that began working together in 1987. We are producing a growing number of TV spots, as well as direct to DVD releases and Internet content. We are also shooting and field producing for many TV shows on Travel Channel, ABC Family, Discovery and more. We shoot 1080 and 720p DVC Pro-50 High Definition, with full body P2 HD cameras and DSLR’s with a full array of frame rates. We have developed high resolution interactive virtual tours and continue to adapt to developments in technology and in the marketplace. We have now won 23 Telly Awards, most recently for Greyhound Lines, EXCO Energy, Sam Houston State and Addison.


Corporate Information:

Corporate Name: The Associated Image Group, Inc. (DBA: Channel Three Productions) Incorporated in the State of Texas in 1985

Federal Tax ID # 75-2112978

Texas Charter # 007961030

Dun & Broadstreet # 15-470-2682

TPIN # 30121519