What’s New 1997

Since Channel Three Productions arrived on the World Wide Web in Fall of ’95, much has changed at our company as well as in the communications industry, including of course The Internet. We have made new professional associations and have strengthened existing client and vendor relationships. We have appreciated the patience of all of those who have visited us, as we made our site more accessible and added our video gallery page.

We promise to update our site more often and to begin including industry-related tips and information. Just as Channel Three Productions has always kept up with the newest trends in film/video production, including equipment that enhances our clients’ productions without losing our cost-effective edge, we are committed to evolving our web site and communications over The Internet. And again we ask you, if you happen to be strolling by our site, let us know what you think. You also may want to “drop your card” so that you may receive updated information, including our video demo reel.


Among some of our recent projects is the “600GT Global Marketing Video” for DSC Communications Corporation. Produced in conjunction with Davis-Curry, the video will be used world-wide tomarket the 600GT Switch Product. Shot with an international cast, the video incorporates international location footage, along with studio beauty shots. The finished video will utilize many layered effects, including Ultimatte, to key exotic location footage behind the switching panels. An original DSC jingle, “The Power To Do More”, will be used as the soundtrack.

UniMark Foods
Channel Three Productions traveled to Monterrey, Mexico to film a corporate video for UniMark Foods, distributors of SunFresh Fruits and Guacamole Sam sauces, among other products. A bilingual crew, including director and scriptwriter Brad Ruekberg, photographed fruit groves and processing plants throughout the Montemorelos region. The colorful, juicy-looking citrus fruit proved to be an extremely screen-worthy subject, as well as a satisfying, between-shots snack!

Hoechst Celanese “TransCaer”
The Hoechst Celanese “TransCaer” Emergency Response Video, filmed in Bishop, Texas, just received a 1996 Telly Award for Public Relations videos. This award, along with others such as the “Clean Texas 2000 Governor’s Award” is a feather in the caps of all the community and governmental agencies that participated. The drill involved an overturned tanker trunk and wrecked car, among other things.

CompUSA Grand Opening TV Spots
Every city that had a new CompUSA open this year got a chance to see the Grand Opening TV spots produced by Channel Three Productions. The spots include comic clips from old black and white films with sound-bites that humorously play off the advertising hype by the “Walter Winchellesque” voice of Dallas’ Rick Spiegel. The spots were produced in collaboration with Italia/Gal Advertising Agency.

City of Bryan TV Spots
“What makes Bryan special?” That is the question that leads off a series of tv spots produced by Channel Three Productions and Shapiro-Small Advertising Agency to enhance the city’s image. Often ignored in place of its sister city, College Station, the Bryan spots reveal the city’s more attractive attributes. Alluring lifestyle footage was shot on 16mm film by Channel Three Productions’ cinematographer, Mike Schrengohst.


Nutrition For Life Satellite Network
For the past year, Nutrition For Life, the direct sales company of nutritional products, has been producing a bi-weekly satellite television show in conjunction with Channel Three Productions. The show is beamed to viewers nationwide and keeps the sales force updated on new products and promotions. The show is usually shot at company headquarters in Houston, Texas, and at events around the world.

“Rusty Greer Softball Classic” Benefitting Texas Special Olympics
On May 9th, Channel Three will videotape a series of Public Service Announcements with Texas Ranger, Rusty Greer at The Ballpark in Arlington. The “Rusty Greer Softball Classic” benefits an organization we are particularly proud to have worked with over the years: Texas Special Olympics. While this is Rusty’s first time up to plate as the event’s spokesperson, Channel Three has produced PSA’s over the years for TSO, featuring Roger Staubach, Randy White, Tony Dorsett, Mike Modano, Jeff Frye, and Jeff Huson, among others. Donating our services to such worthwhile organizations has always been particularly gratifying.

Addison Circle Artistic Centerpiece Project
The Town of Addison has conducted a nation-wide talent search for an artist to create a centerpiece for the Addison Circle Housing Development. The 80-acre mixed-use urban residential development will be unique to the Southwest and the artistic centerpiece will reflect on this bold vision. Channel Three Productions will document the selection, design, construction and dedication of the project, to be completed along with the first 458 units by July, 1997. Versions of the video will be created to aid fundraising efforts, as well as public relations programming for broadcast television. Channel Three hopes to offer an illuminating look at both the urban development system and the artistic process.