Gear and In-House Capabilities


Sony RX-10 DSLR – 4K/1080/720 HD Video and Stills

• Dynamic Servo Zoom 24mm-200mm Lens; keeps focus throughout zooming

• Can record up 120 frames per second in 1080p

• External Mic Jack for pristine recording into camera with no auto-gain; headphone jack

Panasonic Lumix GH2 DSLR – 1080/24p/30p HD Video and Stills

• Dynamic Zoom Lumix lenses and filters

• External Mic Jack for pristine recording into camera with no auto-gain

Canon 5D DSLR – 1080/24p/30p HD Video and Stills

(2) Panasonic HVX-200’s – High Definition DVC-Pro 50 HD

(1080, 720, or 480 resolution, interlaced or progressive scan, 24p, 30p, 60p + more frame rate options)

Records to P2 cards or hard drive for HD recording.

(24 gigs of P2 cards plus new MacBook Pro laptop loaded with Final Cut Studio Pro 6, battery powered external 100-gig hard drive for continuous HD/P2 recording in the field).

Also can record to DV tape for high-end Standard Definition.

(2) Go Pro Hero Extremes 1080p

(individuals and 3D System) Back PAC monitor, underwater casings

All packages include filters, monitor, tripod, (2) mountable LED lights, (2) Lowell lighting kits with tungsten and daylight balanced lights, Mole Richardson Teeny Weeney Kit,

Sennheiser wireless lavaliere and hand-held microphones, Sennheiser ME-80 shotgun microphone, slider, portable green screen and other seamless backgrounds


• Dolly & Jib

• Component Switcher (or live-streaming Webcast encoding)

• Full Sound Mixer Package and Technician

• Make-up Artist

• Tele-Prompter with Operator

• Aerial Drone Photography

• Voice-Over Narration & On-Screen Talent

• Free Music Licensing

• Digital Non-Linear Editing
Includes (2) Final Cut Pro Non-Linear Editing Systems with 100% uncompressed, D1 video quality, real-time advanced multiple DVE for two video streams plus 32-bit animated graphics with alpha, two independent chroma/luma keyers and wipe/title generators

• Scriptwriting

• DVD Authoring

• Website Design

• NIKON & SONY Still Photo Packages

• 360 DEGREE Interactive Virtual Tours

• HD TIME-LAPSE Photography