What’s New 2022

We jump ahead from 2019 straight to 2022 because, well you know….

2020 – 2021: Making VID out of COVID

On second thought, it might be worth remembering some of the videos we managed to eke out during the height of the shutdown. There was the McDonald’s Virtual Conference we put together with cellphone videos and existing imagery along with new graphics and music. There were new Greyhound Arrival and Departure audio announcements. And of course, there were the “In these Uncertain Times, Dent Squad is here for you” social media videos. We lucked out by completing a Metroplex Foundation Repair local TV spot in March 2020 for Blue Troop Web-Print-Video that received a much, much larger daytime tv audience with all those eyeballs at home watching the COVID press conferences. 

2022 Opens the Floodgates to Video and Events!

The Live Event has given way to the Live/Hybrid Event which just means more eyeballs everywhere and more work for everyone! This is great news for the audio-visual industry including the many students and grads of MediaTech Institute as well as for Channel Three Productions who began partnering with Christie’s Photographic to provide videography for all their events in Dallas and Houston.

Channel Three lands new 4-year contract with TxDOT!

Channel Three Productions received new life with a Request For Bid in November 2020 for a new contract with the Texas Dept of Transportation. We produced over 3 dozen electrical safety videos for TxDOT (including 2 Telly Award winners) from 1999-2011. While that was no guarantee we would win another state-wide open bid, we had confidence that with most of the same team, along with the subject matter expertise and visual assets, we could win this bid if we did it right and in May 2021, we received the official great news! Since it has been 10-20 years since these videos were last produced, they had to be completely re-done. So much of the TxDOT equipment and standards have changed. Starting in 1999, the original video was shot in SD and even as we began filming in HD, we still had to produce the video in the old 4:3 aspect ratio. Now, new, smaller cameras make this job easier, filming inside confined spaces and utilizing drone photography to give us unique vantage points.  On the other hand, we’re able to re-render all the original 3D animations in 1920×1080 which was a major help! In this past year, we have completed several videos and have several more nearing completions. 

“Worldwide Business with Kathy ireland” is back in business this season!

In January, 2020 Channel Three Productions shot and field produced the last segment on Sunless Spray Tanning Products.

Resuming this past year were new field reports on Renewable Ocean Energy’s Poseidon product and Expedited Travel for Fed Ex.   Check out the segment on Poseidon here:

Neither Ice Nor Sleet Nor Snow Nor Rain Derails Production of Dallas County Jury Services Video

Dallas County Jury Services commissioned a bilingual Arraignment Video informing the accused of their rights and responsibilities, narrated on-camera by Judges Stephen Autry and —– The shoot occurred during the ice storm on Feb. 23rd and the vacant roads and buildings were quite welcoming!

Author Solutions Continues to Add Authors and Publishers (Imprints)

One of the first clients to resume business in 2021 was Author Solutions with new author videos for Archway, Lulu & LifeRich Publishing. “My Adventure” is Will Millard’s memoire about miraculous recovery from ALS Disease. Norman Orr’s “Embracing Biological Humanism” was shot and produced in Lubbock. A few weeks later, we interviewed Walter Broach, writer of “About Spiritual Energy” in Tulsa. Taken together, these first 3 works “bookend” a worldview in touch with the indomitable human spirit.

Next, we went to OKC to profile “Ballasted Wings: Why That Day?” where author Susan Knox Kopta shared her painful cautionary story. This was followed by 2 new author videos for Uriel Press, one in Anna and the other in Houston. Also, in Houston, Kristin Abello told us the story behind “Sunrise” from Archway Publishing, about her recovery from a car collision as a runner. Currently we are working with another author in Houston, Charles Russell, the author of the biography: “Emma Embury: Poet of the Heart” (Xlibris).